Kate Morgan Meal Replacement Shakes come in a wide variety of flavours and are heavily fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy while you lose weight. They taste great and keep you feeling fuller for longer.


The Kate Morgan Meal Replacement Double Chocolate Bar is a convenient and easy option to eat on the go. It is a great alternative for lunch and tastes like real Chocolate.

Soy Shakes

Kate Morgan Soy Shakes taste great and are a perfect option if you are dairy intolerant or simply prefer Soy flavour. Choose from either Chocolate or Vanilla flavours and mix the shake with a NON-DAIRY lite milk of your choice (Soy or Almond are the most common). You then have a great tasting Meal Replacement shake.


Kate Morgan Meal Replacement Cremes are available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours. They are a great alternative to shakes as ia thick European Style Creme that you mix with water, and eat with a spoon.