lost 17 kg

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"I Found Kate Morgan very easy, mainly because I was determined to lose weight! The shakes were quick and easy to prepare and I also love the fact that as I was losing the weight, friends commented on how good I was looking and asked me how I did it. I had no hesitation in telling them about Kate Morgan and how easy it was. So far to date I have had about 6 friends join up with I think is fantastic."


lost 27.2 kg

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Amanda before unnamed-2
"I saw the KM advertisement in the local newspaper and a few days after I went to buy some jeans. I didn't like the size of the jeans I was going to buy, so I decided to join the Kate Morgan Program. At first I found it hard to get used to having limited carbs, which I basically lived on, but once you get past that it's quite easy. It fits in with my lifestyle, working, looking after my daughter, etc. The encouragement from Kate Morgan wass great."


lost 21.2 kg

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Mandi McFarlane Before unnamed-3
"With fantastic support along the way, Kate Morgan has made my challenge easy and enjoyable.  It has been a life changing experience!  I now feel so much better about myself and have regained my shattered confidence.  I am excited to be an inspiration to others."


lost 36.1kg

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Justin Benn before web unnamed-4
"I have always been a bit overweight and never throught i could achieve the results i have, I couldn't have done it without the wonderful support of Kate Morgan. Thank you!"


lost 54 kg

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Trinna before
"Kate Morgan has helped by giving me a balanced diet, which I was able to stick to and achieve my goals. It helped me with my health and to feel better about myself.   I am much more energetic and happy now."


lost 28.8kg

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Larissa afte Larissa faulkner Before web

"Kate Morgan has helped me achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.  After losing so much weight I feel like a different person.  I found with the help of Kate Morgan, my friends and family, I was able to achieve my goals with ease.  I recommend Kate Morgan to anyone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle".


lost 21kg

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Damla Before_web Damla After_web
"Kate Morgan has helped me control my calorie intake, lose weight and maintain weight.  I feel healthier and can now control my food intake.  Thank you Kate Morgan."


lost 21kg

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lise - playford before unnamed-2

"Kate Morgan kept me on the straight and narrow.  The shakes were so easy because I didn't have to worry about what I was going to eat.  Kate Morgan was very helpful and encouraging.  It was always a pleasure to deal with the staff."


lost 29.3kg

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 todd before  todd_after

"Kate Morgan has helped me achieve not only my weight loss goals but my confidence goals. I now look at the program not as weight loss but a life style change. For the first time in my life I now wear belts with all my new jeans. I finally fit into clothes that I bought 4 years ago. It's such a great feeling not having to shop in the "MR BIG" section and buying clothes with the dreaded "XXL"symbols. Everyday, I look in the mirror and can't believe my achievements. My friends and family are in even more disbelief than I am. For once, I have found something that works for me and is easy to manage around a busy lifestyle."


lost 20.6kg

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ross before_web  ross after_web

"I tried the Kate Morgan shakes and liked them. I then decided to join the program. I lost 10kg and was really happy with my progress and then lost another 10.6 kg. I feel heaps better for losing the weight and the staff were really supportive."